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Modern Green Architecture

Recommended Products

Brand Recommended Models Application Examples
Mikrotik CCR1036 ; CCR1016 ; CRS125 Used to build IP Infrastructure, which gives the network full capabilities, such as Firewall, VPN, and Bandwidth Management.
Mikrotik GrooveA-52Hn Wireless AP to provide internet access to shops and shoppers with segregated bandwidth plans.
Ubiquiti UAP ; UAP-LR
Everfocus IPCAM ; XMS NVR Create an IP-based surveillance network, integrating with Access Control for public-area gates. All under single management.
DSCast by WM DSCast Server DSCast series is to replace static signage and distribute announcement from the control center.
  706M-i5 706M-i5 with 55” Touch Panel makes a perfect solution for Kiosks / Floor Guide / Tenant Lists
  703M-H with Displays Ideal model for showing Green-building Information, i.e. CO2 dispense, Electricity consumption
  22” AIO Often installed within lifts or in the lift hall to display tenant-related information.


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